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Last new centers CNC, the Fox represents the completion of our full range.
It is a machine "entry-level" that offers high performance and a very simple approach to CNC technology.
Like all routers made COSMEC TECHNOLOGY, the FOX structure has high rigidity steel-welded, high-vacuum system depression and components of the highest quality.

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This machining centre, which is clearly conceived for an easy and flexible utilization, represents the ideal solution for craftsmen and small companies, who want to improve the quality of their product. Being equipped with the same components provided with COSMEC higher-end machinery, this line of product guarantees high precision and reliability. The innovative technological solutions and the variety of configurations of the operating units assure the highest finish quality requested in any application.

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This series represents the traditional range of Cosmec machining centres. It consists of routers with a fixed bridge and movable beds, which can be produced in standard dimensions or be customised to suit Customers' requirements. These machines can be provided with a various number of tool holders, heads and axes. We can thus "create" 3, 4 or 5 axis machines, with one or more operating units to carry out any type of working such as milling, boring, sanding, cutting and engraving not only wood but also plastic materials, compound materials and light alloys. Electrospindles with a wide power range up to 15HP and ISO 30, ISO 40 and HSK63 connections are available.
The over 30 year old experience Cosmec have acquired in the production of this series guarantees the highest solidity, reliability, working accuracy and speed available on the market.
The base frames are intentionally oversized in relation to the applied strains: this choice, together with the utilization of first quality sliding systems and versatile piece locking solutions guarantees the total absence of deformations and vibrations, and therefore the most accurate working precision. NR series routers can be equipped with bakelite tables with a "sandwich" structure, where retractable stops, vacuum cups of different sizes are located, or working tables with movable bars and adjustable vacuum cups on Customers' request. Both solutions allow the maximum flexibility of the machine operations. NR series machines are completed with an electrical cabinet fitted out with an OSAI Series 10 numerical controller with a Windows interface and hand held pendant.

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Conquest 255 is the entry-level CNC router of the Conquest series with an excellent compromise between price and quality. Designed with a movable bridge and a fixed table, the machine allows to process thick panels with the greatest accuracy, thanks to its closed frame. High speed of all axes considerably reduce working cycle times. The working table is made of bakelite and can provide one or two separate vacuum locking areas. On request, special retractable stops and vacuum cups of different sizes can be located on the table, to increase the flexibility of the machine operations. Panel tickness is 250 mm. This machine is also very versatile in the configuration of the operating units: in addition to the main electrospindle, available both with ISO 30 and HSK F63 connection and provided with a rotating and transported 8-position tool changer, it is possible to have a second operating unit according to the Customer's request (sawing unit, horizontal routing unit or another electrospindle).
The main spindle can be equipped with a CNC controlled rotating axis on 360? to execute workings with angular aggregates in different directions. The boring unit can be equipped with a various number of independent vertical and horizontal spindles on the X and Y axis. The machine is completed with OSAI Series 10 numerical controller with a PC interface and hand held pendant, which allows an easy test of the working programs.

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