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Angular Pressure Beam Saw

By using a turntable upstream of the rip cut saw, Anthon saws are able to perform single and multiple head cuts. Changing cuts with cutting sequences, such as: "rip cut - head cut - rip cut"; may also be performed.

Optimized torque distribution, a vibration-free, low-maintenance rack & pinion drive and the infinitely variable, vertical linear guiding system that raises the saw carriage smoothly, all combine to guarantee perfect cutting quality and accuracy for many years. Double saw assemblies enable cutting and hogging of panel material in one operation. In addition, the optimized extraction system permits fast and nearly loss-free removal of processing residue from the saw carriage area.

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Throughfeed Saw

The earmark of throughfeed saws is continuous panel transport through and/or alongside the processing tools.

In particular, the trimming line of the PVL, PVQ and PVT series are primarily utilized for simple, squared edging during the throughfeed process and this, in most cases, connected to press lines or sanding lines.

The modular design of this saw series enables adaptation to the diverse requirements of the panel, building materials and furniture industries. This flexibility permits the units to be equipped with either hoggers or sawing tools (or special tools as well) and can be combined with scoring saws so that chip-free cut panels and furniture panels can be achieved.

Because of this capability, these machines are also employed as middle-cut saws or for horizontal division of panels downstream from edge processing lines.

The cut heights of the saws range from individual panels up to division of panel books measuring up to 320mm in height.

With this diversity of possibilities, we are able to turn into realities our customers? wishes that are too complex for options offered by classic panel-sizing.

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Portal Saw

Portal saws are used today, particularly in the mineral-fiberboard industry, for sizing cement-bonded particleboards, for processing of gypsum plasterboards and insulation panels, for plywood and many other materials. Cut heights up to 200mm and more are also feasible where special demands in regards to panel handling need to be met. Highly precise linear guidance systems and the most modern CNC control systems make this possible.

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Feeding Systems

To ensure optimized panel sizing, material supply is of outmost importance. Anthon offers a large selection of feeding systems in its product spectrum to cope with the multitude of highly diversified panel materials. Even very thin or wavy panels may be fed without any problems if the suitable feeding system is selected. Supplemental measuring devices monitor this process. Anthon push, vacuum and nip-roll feeder or a combination of these feeding systems keep supplies coming.

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